Social Media

We care about results, not just popularity. 

You could have 100,000 followers on instagram, but unless they are your target customer, and genuinely engaged with the content you share it's not going to make an impact on your business. 

We have used social media to grow multiple business and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. When we work with you we build a social media strategy based on a deep understanding of your goals as a business and the psychology of your target customer to ensure that you aren't just getting popular -- you're getting results. 

A beautiful instagram grid is just a happy side-effect of this strategy, not the main focus. 

Done-for-you Social Media Management in Bali 

Strategic Perspective

We always start with a strategic review of your business goals, your target customer, your competitors to build an in-depth social media strategy. 

Made for your brand

There is no one-sized-fits-all approach, we tailor every stage of the process to suit the personality of your brand. Whether that's sophisticated luxury or playfully cheeky. 

Content Plan

We begin by mapping out key 'content pillars' - the topics and themes that will flow seamlessly across your social media each designed to build a relationship and earn trust with your audience. 

Photography & Videography

Who better to capture the photography you need than the same team who has already developed your strategy? We can offer editorial, lifestyle, and studio photography and videography. 

Custom Graphics

Whether it's beautiful quotes, product announcements, or just playful branded content we can create custom graphics for your brand. 

Giveaways & Competitions

These can be an impactful strategy for growing your following, but only if implemented correctly. We have a unique approach to viral techniques  that never make your brand feel cheap. 

Engaging captions & stories

We write engaging content that will not only highlight the unique benefits of your product or brand, but over time will build a genuine relationship with your customers. 

Influencer Marketing

We can create an influencer marketing strategy to help you partner with the right influencers, and run influencer campaigns that work, or manage every step from outreach to measuring results.  

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